Yoga as Pilgrimage: Sūtras for a modern age

Ranju’s new book weaves together ancient texts and stories from his own life. The result is part guidebook, part map helping you to journey through the endlessly fascinating terrain of yoga.

by Ranju Roy

Yoga as Pilgrimage: sūtras for a modern age - book cover image

What is yoga? An ancient spiritual practice or a modern exercise regime? Or both?

Ranju Roy answers these questions by weaving together ancient texts with stories and experiences from his own life. Drawing on thirty years of teaching, studying and practising, he sets out his vision of yoga in a series of modern-day sūtras, illuminated by Sāmkhya philosophy and inspired by the Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali. This is then followed by the ‘pilgrimage’ itself: an inward journey of increasing subtlety.

Featuring original paintings by the author, Yoga as Pilgrimage is a wonderful blend of guidebook, fellow-traveller and map across this endlessly fascinating terrain.

FEB 2024 ISBN 978-1-7395515-0-6
176 pages, full colour throughout, paperback: £20 (plus p&p)
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