One to Ones

The beauty of 1:1’s is that they focus on your individual needs.
An initial consultation session usually lasts for 90 minutes . Subsequent sessions usually last about an hour, but can be longer if required.

Sessions can be done live or online, although ideally I like to meet with people live for the assessment.

Frequency of sessions entirely depends on individual choice and what seems appropriate. It is best to initially commit to a minimum of 4 sessions to get started and feel the benefits.

What happens?

We start by discussing what you would like from your home practice, and consider what is realistic. We then devise a home practice which we teach during the session and write out for you to practice at home. Based on your feedback, subsequent sessions build on this initial practice and can develop in many different ways.

These sessions are suitable for anyone who:

  • is committed to developing a personal yoga practice
  • has a therapeutic need they wish to address with a home practice (stress, anxiety, energetic or structural problems, breathing difficulties)
  • is pregnant, and would like individual advice and support
  • is interested to deepen and extend their practice of yoga – working with more demanding postures and techniques not usually taught in a group class (e.g. headstand, lotus posture, strong backbends, more complex breathing techniques etc)
  • would appreciate more detailed feedback and advice on their practice
  • find that committing to a regular class is very difficult

Individual sessions are booked by appointment and usually take place in our studio in Wellington . You need to wear loose and comfortable clothing, but you do not need to bring a mat or blocks. However, it would be worth purchasing a good quality mat and block  to use at home.

Currently individual classes are run both on in person and on Zoom.

Ranju’s costs:

Initial sessions: Initial session of 90 minutes £75 (includes assessment).

Thereafter: £50 for one hour; £75 for 90 minutes; £90 for 2 hours.

Please note : Cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment time will be charged in full.