A short consideration of niyama following studies and discussion with Peter Hersnack

A consideration of the niyama (observances towards our own behaviours and attitudes) and their relationship to practice:

śauca – to not look after oneself as we would another. The more I can look after myself, the more I get an intimation of that which animates me


  • A less neurotic attitude with our own bodies
  • We become “fit” for a vision of our true Self
  • Our relationships become protected

We need to step back with a light touch; avoid sources of harm, and act with an awareness of possible negative consequences.

santoṣa – to feel content; to trust we will be supported


  • Congruity between what is said and what happens
  • Walk the Talk
  • Words have power

tapas – to take external support seriously


  • We obtain tremendous vitality
  • The relationship deepens, rather than dilutes and dissipates.

svadhyāya – to take internal support seriously


  • When there is not steya (stealing), something very precious is revealed. We see beyond what we know. 

īśvara praṇidhāna – to trust in Life


  • When we practice asteya, we can see the HOW and WHY of life. We become open to a deep and profound perception.