Embodying the Yoga Sūtra

Focusing on 18 of the most important sutra, Ranju Roy and David Charlton show how each illuminates the relationship between body, breath and mind in a practical, clear and contemporary manner, and developed into ideas for practice using three key terms: support, direction and space.

There are many books on the Yoga Sūtra, from highly academic tomes to very lightweight (and sometimes rather misinformed) simple ones. We wanted to write a book of some academic rigour which was also accessible and useful – and we don’t think there has been anything quite like this before. Not only that, but we also wanted to make suggestions for practice – both on and off the mat.

We start each chapter with a deconstruction of one of the sūtras. This often involves looking at how each word is constructed in the original Sanskrit language and we are as clear as possible with how we have made our translations and our inferences. This main sūtra is then put into context, and we explore themes and other sūtras which relate to the main sūtra. Finally, each chapter has a section on ideas for practice – ways to embody some of the theoretical ideas in a simple way.

320 pages, paperback. To order a copy, visit embodyingtheyogasutra.com/index.php/order