Group classes

General group classes are an excellent way to learn about, experience and study yoga. They offer a time and space for you, away from the demands of daily life. During these classes we work with different themes and ideas - no class is the same, and over time students develop a thorough knowledge of the principles of this way of working. Some classes may be more strenuous, some more meditative; in some we may introduce sound and references to yoga philosophy. Generally people find the classes restful, refreshing and enjoyable. Over time, many have reported increased body awareness and sensitivity, increased strength and flexibility and a deepening of the breath.

Although we take care to make sure everyone is comfortable in classes and also that everyone is practicing safely, it is not always possible to address individual concerns in great detail in a group class. If you do have particular interests, needs or concerns, it may be appropriate to book in for an individual lesson or lessons; please do talk to us. It is also important to know if you are pregnant as it may not be appropriate for you to be in a general yoga class.

Ranju teaches open classes on a Wednesday evening in a very pleasant and quiet hall just outside Taunton (Cheddon Fitzpaine Memorial Hall) and also in Wilveliscombe Community Centre on a Tuesday morning. He also teaches a small class at Somerset Sight for people with visual impairment and their carers.

The classes run with the school terms; payment is by the half term (usually 6 weeks).

Please do contact for further details on any of the classes:


General Group classes with Ranju


Cheddon Hall : InsideCheddon Hall : OutsideVenue :
Cheddon Fitzpaine Memorial Hall,
TA2 8JY.

Beginners Class : Wed 7.45- 9.00pm

Continuers Class: Wed 6.15 - 7.30pm

Wiveliscombe Community Hall, Wiveliscombe

Continuers Class: Tues 10.00 - 11.30 am

Therapeutic Class: Tues 11.45 - 1.00 pm

Somerset Sight, Staplegrove Rd, Taunton

Open Class for visually impaired and Carers: 10.30 - 11.30


"I was fortunate to find Ranju's Yoga class many years ago and am still a regular participant. I have seen his approach develop and deepen over time reflecting his own personal involvement in the many aspects of Yoga. He passes on the benefits of his experience in a friendly, sensitive and knowledgeable manner, questioning and encouraging debate, often resulting from his current practice. Working with Ranju has enlightened me in so many ways and has inspired me with the confidence to continue my own personal journey."
JS, Taunton