• Breath

    Published in Cunning Folk Magazine: The Air Issue May 2022. A story from the Upāṇiṣads about the importance of prāṇa, and a metaphor about the cyclical nature of breath.

  • The Art of Yoga

    Published in Spectrum Magazine, Summer 2021 p24–28. A short reflection on my dual heritage, my interest in painting and the background to the my watercolour series of Krishnacharya practising āsana

  • Seeing Desikachar

    AYS Journal Feb 2014 pp2-7. Reflections on my meetings with Desikachar, his influence and his legacy

  • The Yoga of Observation: part 2

    Developing the idea of observation as meditation to observation as profound empathy which changes both the viewer and the viewed

  • The Yoga of Observation: part 1

    Exploring how observation for a yoga teacher can be a form of meditation

  • Niyama

    A short consideration of niyama following studies and discussion with Peter Hersnack