• Sacred Inner Landscapes

    A conversation about Ranju’s new book Yoga as Pilgrimage with J Brown.

  • Yoga as Pilgrimage: Sūtras for a modern age

    Ranju’s new book weaves together ancient texts and stories from his own life. The result is part guidebook, part map helping you to journey through the endlessly fascinating terrain of yoga.

  • A Pilgrim’s Progress: Interview by Daniel Simpson

    A conversation between Ranju and Daniel Simpson about Ranju’s new book Yoga as Pilgrimage

  • Religiousness in Yoga

    In this podcast with J Brown, Dave and I discuss our childhood exposures to religion, the third and forth chapters of Patanjali’s Yoga Sūtra, the evolution of TKV Desikachar’s teaching on devotion, prayer and the question of a creator, challenging post-enlightenment viewpoints, chanting and emotions, and coming to humble terms with our place in an…

  • Life Lessons from Yoga

    A discussion between Daniel Simpson, Dave Charlton and Ranju Roy on the practical application of the Yoga Sūtra

  • The Yoga Sūtras and knowing yourself

    Body Bliss and Soul Episode 46. Chara Caruthers speaks with David Charlton and Ranju Roy about the many fibers that make up who we are in this moment and what the process looks like in getting to know yourself. They discuss the struggles and pitfalls that come up and the overall beauty within the gift…

  • Taking support from yoga

    Rane Bowen and Jo Stewart – aka The Flow Artists – speak to Ranju and Dave Charlton, about Dave’s background as an engineer, Ranju’s background as an art therapist, and how they combine their strengths and wealth of knowledge to teach these practices in an accessible, authentic and grounded way.

  • Was Patañjali a Yoga Therapist? Do we need a teacher?

    Amy Wheeler podcast with Ranju and Dave Charlton about yoga tradition, what is yoga vs. yoga therapy, Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra, the nature of suffering in the mind and how we can move forward with our yoga communities.

  • Breath

    Published in Cunning Folk Magazine: The Air Issue May 2022. A story from the Upāṇiṣads about the importance of prāṇa, and a metaphor about the cyclical nature of breath.