RanjuAlthough I grew up in England, I was born in Udaipur, India; my father is Bengali Indian and my mother is English. The interweaving of 2 cultures has been a constant theme in my life, not just intellectually but personally. We kept in close touch with the Indian side of the family and it was my Indian grandfather who gave me my first book on yoga when I was 15. He was a very keen practitioner of yoga and encouraged me to take it up.

After I graduated from Exeter University in English Literature and Fine Art, I trained to be an art therapist. Lindy (also originally an art therapist) and I both started work as art therapists and family therapists in the psychiatric services in Somerset in 1991. Juggling work, family and yoga training had its own challenges, but gave us a good understanding of how to integrate yoga into modern daily life, with all its pressures and constraints. Used skilfully, yoga is a support - not a retreat from life but a way of embracing it.

Yoga has been a background pulse through my life. At times I have felt joy, clarity, peace, faith, confidence, frustration, desire, confusion, anger - but yoga has always pointed to something beyond all the dramas: the stillness and space between the thoughts.