A Pilgrim’s Progress: Interview by Daniel Simpson

A conversation between Ranju and Daniel Simpson about Ranju’s new book Yoga as Pilgrimage

In this conversation with Daniel Simpson (from his Ancient Futures substack) and I discuss my new book Yoga as Pilgrimage. We explore my own sūtras – pithy expressions of practical pointers – interspersed with stories from decades of experience as a teacher and practitioner. Along the way, we hear about:

  • A minibus tour of Cotswolds tearooms with B.K.S. Iyengar
  • The pitfalls of “preparing to meditate” without ever doing so
  • Why Sāṃkhya provides a useful map to contemporary territory 
  • What distinguishes Life from life – and whether that’s divine
  • How individual experience relates to something universal 

To listen to this conversation click here